Respond to a simple need: sit in the lifelines during navigation or at anchor with maximum comfort, without taking the risk of losing your cushion in the wind and not overloading the chests of bulky objects!

The process and the materials are validated for marine use: resistance to shocks, UV rays, salt water, etc. Inflation in 1 minute thanks to a standard valve, that of the Stand up paddle and dinghy.



Dim 200x80x90 - weight: 12 kg - Inflation: 1 min - Folded 50X30X25

Dim 200x140x90 - weight: 15 kg - Inflation: 1 min

High resistance pvc PARTITION technology manufacturing, internal construction with manual welding inside the vertical partition structure allowing great rigidity despite low inflation pressure (3 psi).

TIKI YACHTING innovation for 2022, a range of inflatable deckchairs with flat or wave-shaped design, available in widths of 80 cm or 140 cm