Passerelle livrée avec main courante  pour la 2,5 m et la 3 m , sans main courante pour la 2 m et un patin d’usure en Téflon pour le côté ponton.
Delivered without inflation system.

Inflation: 4 min - Folded 70X40X15
Dim 300x50x15 - weight: 11 kg - Inflation: 5 min - Folded 70X40X18

Manufactured in high resistance DROPSTICH PVC Technology, honeycomb weave on the inside with equidistant polyester threads.



INFLATABLE GATEWAY:  Model registered with the INPI - Allowing boarding a boat on a gangway that would be both rigid, secured by railings, light to move, maintenance-free and durable over time, such was our technical challenge. The implementation takes only 5 minutes with a hand or electric pump. Storage is easy because once deflated the size is only 70x40x15 cm. For maximum rigidity, the platform is equipped with a double chamber and double martingale system. The walkways can be used with or without detachable guardrails. skate removable wear plate ensures the connection with the quay of the port without damaging the inflatable structure.

Plusieurs dimensions : 2m , 2,5m , 3m .


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 15 cm