Manufactured in high resistance DROPSTICH PVC Technology, honeycomb weave on the inside with polyester threads. The possibilities of use are very vast, on an inland waterway or on the sea. Several platforms of the range can be linked together. Possible to add a lounge cushion as an option.



PLATEFORM  150 :   Allow 1 person to work on the water around a boat, Install a temporary pontoon at the back of a boat or allow the departure of a beginner in Kite surfing ...

Dim 150x200x20 - weight: 11 kg - Inflation: 5 min - Folded 90x30x30

PLATEFORM  400 & 600 Allow 10 people to walk on the water, to fix a cooler or a tent for a picnic or a bivouac ... Fix a small flag pole, Give yourself a private space for an aperitif on the water! Install a temporary pontoon to allow beginners to depart for water sports ...

Dim 400x200x20 - weight: 30 kg - Inflation: 5 min - Folded 90x40x40