Dim 50 cm x Diamètre 25 cm – sans housse -poids : 1 kg -Gonflage : 30 secondes

Dim 70 cm x Diamètre 20 cm – sans housse – poids : 1 kg – Gonflage : 30 secondes

Dim 70 cm x Diamètre 20 cm  – Avec housse – poids : 1,5 kg

Manufactured in high resistance pvc, basic version with stainless steel ring or version with high resistance 600 D polyester cover and webbing buckle.

TIKI YACHTING innovation for 2022 the Fender Pare battage inflatable is as practical to use as a classic round fender and meets the same needs



The big difference remains the ultra-small footprint when the product is deflated. This new fender is designed in a cylindrical shape, the manufacturing process and the materials are validated for marine use: resistance to shocks, UV, salt water… Inflates in 30 seconds thanks to a standard valve, that of Stand up paddle and dinghy .